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PWYWCA Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable housing and programs to women regardless of race, creed, or color. We serve women in transition to prevent homelessness. We also provide outreach services and have a long tradition of service to children and women in the Shaw community and throughout Washington DC. 
Board & Staff
Ms. Linda Irizarry, President
Mrs. Alesha M. Holliday, Vice President
Mrs. Tammy L. Hagin, Chaplain and Co-Chair, Membership Committee
Ms. Ambia N. Harper, Corresponding Secretary, and Co-Chair, Governance Committee
Ms. Melva M. Meade, Recording Secretary and, Co-Chair, Program Committee
Ms. Stephanie Minor-Harper, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee
Ms. Yoland Sinclair, Assistant Treasurer
Ms. Tina L. Tyson, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Jessica Brewster-Johnson, Parliamentarian and Co-Chair, Residence Committee
Ms. Turkessa L. Brown, Co-Chair, Governance Committee
Ms. Alaina Harper, Ed.L.D., Co-Chair, Membership Committee
Ms. Tiffany B. Moore
Ms. Patricia L. Plummer, Historian and Co-Chair, Residence Committee
Mrs. Karen H. Young, Co-Chair, Scholarship and Co-Chair, PR Committees
Ms. Farita Davis, Culinary Events Coordinator
Ms. Pamela D. Hill, Director of Administration and Clinical Services
Ms. Darlene I. Gripper, Director of Community Outreach
Reba M. Diggs
Brenda Fortenberry
Mae Frances Frazier
Imogene Akins Hutchinson
D. Barbara J. March
Dorothy P. Patton
Janet M. Vernon
Judith Webb, PhD
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Our Partners

Dantes Partners
Faria Management
N Street Village

Our Board

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